About me

Hello everyone and dearly welcome to my page.

I want to start introducing myself as a person and maybe give a little insight on how my life has been and how life has made me become the person that I am today.

Having her as my role model made me  the strong independent woman that I am today.


I have always been called a little ball of energy. I am used to light up every room that i enter when I join in with my bubbly attitude and big smile that needs a lot to come down.

Let´s say I have always loved to be in the spotlight and now after having my Daughter, my interests goes towards helping others.

Last few months I have spent helping others and I have been told that I am a good motivational speaker and that I should should start putting my focus on helping out other people around the world.


A lot of people might judge me for my past work in the modeling industry and what choices I have made in my life, but I am sure that many will want to follow my work after getting to know me better and realizing that I am just a person like you and that I have had the courage to follow my dreams even though I have been judged by so many.

The more negativity that I have gotten from people the more wood it has to been on my fire to do better.

I hope you all can see me as the person that I am on the inside and have faith in what I am hoping to do here.